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    Our research team of like-minded people is constantly developing and growing. This project exists exclusively for educational purposes. Modern realities put forward high demands for the development of combat vehicles. The increase in the number of human resources, the density of construction, a variety of forces and damaging factors complicate the development and increase the requirements for security and mass, increase the cost of development and creation. With the increase in prices, people who invest in the development of these samples need more and more visibility and accessibility of their beliefs that their money will not go to waste. In this arial we will consider modern methods of "persuasion" when working with a large amount of data and their implementations. To solve such complex problems, a mechanism for their solution is needed, and accordingly it is necessary to consider the methodology for solving problems. Having drawn conclusions, it is necessary to understand how and by what criteria we will judge the success of our actions. Watch and train with us everyone here will learn a lot for yourself!


   History and prerequisites for the creation and development of such areas as multifactor analysis.

   Recent achievements and possible directions for the development of industrial benchmarking.

    This section publishes educational issues on the creation of a variety of benchmarks.


    The section is devoted to the actual issue and analysis of "pitfalls", source codes with examples of works. Here you can ask a question and we will try to answer them.



The project to create an algorithm for a neural network calculator that evaluates the depth of the introduction of kinetic objects into 


mobile version


   Catalog of models of vulnerable elements for equipment and infantry


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  Archive of files and photo reports from various events



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From CAD systems to gaming solutions, it does not matter, the boundaries are blurred, you set the accuracy yourself. The only difference in modern gaming applications from CAD systems is the accuracy of rendering elements. We live with you in a discrete world and the accuracy of our world is equal to the Planck constant. The current level of development of personal computers has approached the level of calculation of complex computing operations with many objects in real time and under the conditions of real physical laws. You can be someone pleased by an engineer, programmer or writer, sculptor, modern technologies combine all these professions.

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Modern technology for creating 3D graphics allows you to create, implement any scenario and competently interact with the user. A person perceives information precisely with the help of the organs of vision - 80%, hearing - 16%. The easiest way to explain to a person some aspects of complex systems is to show them clearly than to describe them in the Talmuds of waste paper. An old Russian proverb says: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times."

One of the important stages of work on projects related to visualization and showcases, as well as for the immersiveness of what is happening, is sound accompaniment.

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division headquarters

location on which are located various services such as mail, museums, news channels, school of a young fighter, etc.


Designed location module to analyze the characteristics of units with direct clash head-on